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Children's Tooth Cavity Filling Procedure

dentist filling cavity

We begin your child's visit to our facility with a gentle examination of teeth and gums to create the opportunity for a soothing pace before discussing anything like tooth cavity filling. This relaxed approach helps children feel at ease and can be the start of lifelong good dental health habits. We want your child to feel safe in the dentist's chair, and we are always willing to go out of the way to make that happen.

Causes Of Cavities In Children's Teeth

A child who enjoys a diet that contains a lot of sugary foods may tend to get more cavities than a child with a less sugary diet. Children who don't brush, floss and get regular dental care may also be prone to cavities. At Sikora Family Dentistry, we offer immediate pediatric dental help through dental cleanings and restorative procedures. We follow the immediate care with sealants, fluoride treatments and providing your child with information to help them be a partner in caring for teeth in an effort to avoid future cavities.

Symptoms Of Cavities And Tooth Cavity Filling

Some symptoms that tell you your child needs to visit a dentist to be checked for cavities include:

If your child experiences any of these symptoms, consider calling us right away or using our online form to schedule an appointment so we can help get your child on the path to better dental health right away.

Contact Us Today

The compassionate dental professionals at Sikora Family Dentistry are here to help your child when a cavity develops. Our team helps you and your child understand some things to do to avoid future cavities in addition to repairing the cavity and restoring the tooth to a healthy state. Call us today at (440) 779-8730 to schedule an appointment for your child, or fill out our online appointment request form.