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Treating Sleep Apnea With Dental Snore Devices

man sleeping and woman covering her ears with a pillow

Dental snore devices are effective alternatives to CPAP machines for patients who have sleep apnea. At Sikora Family Dentistry, we fit sleep apnea patients with a custom-fit dental snore device that supports the jaw by holding it forward. This keeps the airway in an open position so blockages don't occur when the patient is sleeping.

Dental Snore Devices As Alternatives To CPAP Machines

While there are several reasons to consider having a dental snore device fitted, one of the main reasons is its ease of use. The device is a noninvasive way to manage sleep apnea, especially when compared to using a CPAP machine.

With a dental snore appliance that fits on your teeth and holds them in the ideal position to maintain free-breathing, there are no hoses or masks attached to your face the way there would be with a CPAP machine. There's no need to have a steady stream of air pressure delivered to your airways from a breathing machine because your mouth is held gently in position so the air flows naturally.

Resembles A Sports Mouth Guard

This type of dental appliance looks a bit like a sports mouthguard. It's been found to be effective for the treatment of both sleep apnea and snoring. The reason it works, in patients who snore, is because soft throat tissues collapse and stops air from flowing through the airway. The appliance gently pushes the tongue and jaw forward in a position that keeps the airway open.

When the throat tissue collapses, the sleep apnea patient stops breathing for a moment. This disrupts the sleep pattern of both the sleep apnea patient and those nearby who are affected by the patient's snoring and momentary cessation of breathing.

What To Expect At Your Appointment

When you come to our facility for a snore device fitting, your dentist gets started by taking impressions of your teeth. The impressions are then sent to a lab where skilled dental technicians create a custom dental appliance for you. The appliance is typically ready in approximately ten days.

You then simply put the dental device in your mouth each night before you go to bed. If anything feels off in the way it fits, your dentist then refines the device to make sure it's comfortable and right for your mouth.

Fast Results

It doesn't take long for patients to notice the positive effects of using one of these oral appliances. Patients note that the device helps them fall asleep faster and makes it possible for them to stay asleep throughout the night. It also helps patients avoid some of the potential risks of untreated sleep apnea, such as:

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