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Enamel Shaping and Contouring In North Olmsted, OH

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When small dental chips or an asymmetrical tooth seem to take center stage every time you smile, there's a simple solution that'll help you make surprisingly dramatic changes. Enamel shaping by Sikora Family Dentistry erases small flaws, leaving behind a radiant, gorgeous grin you'll be happy to show off.

What Is Enamel Shaping?

Enamel shaping is a strategic, delicate procedure that involves carefully removing part of the tooth enamel to change the overall shape, length, or finish of the patient's teeth. Your dentist may remove mere millimeters and yet make an incredible difference in how your teeth fit together or look. Dentists use a range of tools, such as sanding disks and diamond burrs, to slowly alter the silhouette of the targeted teeth. There's quite a bit of skill required on the part of dentistry staff to complete the reshaping correctly and with optimal results as well as an artistic eye — while there are guidelines to proper reshaping, the results should be customized to reflect what best suits each individual.

Perhaps the best aspect of enamel reshaping is that results are immediate and permanent. You'll be able to see changes as they happen and walk out of the office with your new smile firmly in place.

Who Is A Candidate For Enamel Shaping And Contouring?

Because enamel shaping is non-invasive and focuses on subtle adjustments that have a big impact, it works best for flaws that are smaller, such as teeth that are:

This conservative approach is ideal for those who are looking for an affordable way to reduce minor imperfections; however, enamel reshaping can't tackle larger issues such as cracks, big chips, or major misalignments.

What To Expect

While it's common to feel some apprehension before a dental procedure, you can rest easy before your enamel reshaping appointment, as the process is both quick and painless. You won't even need any anesthesia. While the exact steps of the reshaping method may vary from doctor to doctor and patient to patient, it generally includes the following:

As there are no nerves in enamel, you won't feel any discomfort nor will you experience any other side effects such as swelling or bruising. It's all very fast, with little to no impact on your day-to-day life, other than the actual changes to your teeth.

Benefits Of Dental Contouring

While the possible aesthetic benefits of reshaping your enamel are clear, there are other perks to consider. Eliminating overcrowding and allowing teeth to line up properly without overlaps helps minimize small pockets and hard-to-reach spaces that are difficult to brush and may harbor tartar and plaque, raising the risk of dental disease. Reshaping may also provide a budget-friendly alternative to braces; fine-tuning your alignment could make your smile seem straighter without a long, expensive, and tiring commitment to orthodontia.

Schedule Your Consult

Enamel reshaping and contouring could be the cosmetic change you've been looking for to get the confidence boost you crave. For a full evaluation and to see if you're eligible for reshaping, contact us today. The experts at Sikora Family Dentistry are excited to help you get the smile you deserve surrounded by staff dedicated to making your visit as pleasant and convenient as possible.