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Cosmetic Dentistry in North Olmsted, OH

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Studies have shown smiling can improve one’s mood and impact general well-being. Yet, not everyone feels comfortable enough to display their smile. The cosmetic dentistry services offered at Sikora Family Dentistry can help patients improve their smiles and increase confidence. Serving people of all ages in North Olmsted, Ohio, and the surrounding areas, our staff possesses the experience and knowledge required to offer a variety of services to address an array of concerns. Learn more about the ways Sikora Family Dentistry can help you achieve your best smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services We Offer

Your smile is often the first feature people notice in others. A radiant smile can help people make a memorable first impression. The cosmetic dentistry services at Sikora Family Dentistry are aimed at creating a more balanced, symmetrical, and aesthetically pleasing smile.

 All services are performed with advanced dental techniques and state-of-the-art technology. We strive to create a soothing, serene environment to ensure the comfort of each patient. Flexible scheduling is also available for your convenience. Our cosmetic services include:

Teeth Whitening

As people age, and teeth are exposed to various foods and beverages, they can stain and yellow. This change in color can be especially seen in those who drink coffee regularly, drink red wine or smoke tobacco.

Teeth whitening is an easy solution and an excellent way for patients to get the pearly white smile they desire. Impressions are taken for a custom tray and a whitening kit is provided for at home whitening.

Please note: Tobacco use and consumption of stain-causing food and beverages may cause whiteness to fade sooner.


Minor imperfections in smiles can often be fixed by a bonding procedure. Tooth bonding can help correct little flaws, helping clients maintain a smile they are proud to display. At Sikora Family Dentistry we use this noninvasive procedure to change the shape of teeth, to repair cracks, chips, fractures, and minor gaps.

Patients who undergo this treatment are amazed at how much bonding can dramatically improve their smile in just one visit. Bonding may even decrease sensitivity when used to cover a root exposed by receding gums.

Enamel Shaping and Contouring

Bonding can be used for Enamel shaping and contouring. This will help erase small flaws. It is ideal for clients who wish to correct chipped teeth, crowding, rough edges, oversized teeth, minor bite problems, and slightly crooked or overlapping teeth.

Dental Implants

Patients looking to revitalize their smile can do so with professional dental implants. Designed to successfully mimic the structure of a patient’s mouth and teeth, dental implants are a custom-made solution, only visible just above the gum line. This treatment is great for patients whose teeth are unable to support a traditional dental prosthesis, including bridges and dentures.

Discover Advanced Cosmetic Dental Treatments in North Olmsted, OH

Patients in North Olmsted, OH, can get the smile they desire with the professional cosmetic dentistry services from Sikora Family Dentistry. Our team follows a modern approach to dentistry, allowing us to provide superior results with minimal to no discomfort.

Our practice accepts numerous plans to help make payment more affordable. In addition, we offer CareCredit payment plans as a convenient option when insurance will not cover the full cost of a dental procedure. Contact us today to hear more about cosmetic dentistry in North Olmsted, OH, or to schedule an appointment today.