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Root Canal Procedure in North Olmsted, OH

When a dentist recommends a root canal procedure, many patients feel apprehensive. Although this treatment often has a negative connotation, current advances in dentistry have made it much easier than it used to be. At Sikora Family Dentistry, patients receive a full explanation and overview of the process and what happens before and after to help prepare.

The Root Canal Process

When the living tissue or pulp inside a tooth becomes inflamed or infected, a dentist may recommend a root canal to clean out the dead or infected area. Local anesthesia is injected to numb the tooth and surrounding areas. The dentist makes a small hole in the tooth to access the inside and uses instruments to clean out the pulp chambers and root canals of the tooth. Due to the anesthesia, patients do not experience pain during the procedure. The dentist applies antiseptic to disinfect the area, and it is then filled with special material and sealed to keep out future decay. The final step involves sealing the hole in the tooth with a permanent filling.


Patients may need to take antibiotics before an appointment to calm the tooth’s infection. Our staff takes the time to explain the entire process, providing our patients with all pre- and post-treatment instructions.


Most patients experience slight discomfort or pressure once the tooth is no longer numb and may endure minor pain in the jaw for a few days. However, over-the-counter pain relievers are effective for pain management. Patients should avoid chewing with this tooth, and oral hygiene is crucial to prevent infection. Once the pain and swelling subside, a dentist will cover the tooth with a crown to protect it more permanently.

After going through the root canal procedure, we recommend a follow-up examination and cleaning appointment within six months to ensure healing has reached completion and to prevent reinfection. For more information about our root canal procedures, or for any other questions contact our office today.