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Gentle, Compassionate Children’s Dentistry Services in North Olmsted, OH

As a family-friendly practice, Sikora Family Dentistry provides excellent dental care for people of all ages. Our children’s dentistry program introduces our youngest patients to a program that will prepare them for a future of excellent oral health.

Preparing for Your Child’s First Appointment

Our staff goes out of their way to make even our smallest patients feel comfortable with having their teeth examined. During the first visit, we will gently examine your child’s teeth and gums, and depending on their age, we may take X-rays to check on the health and development of permanent teeth. We may also clean your child’s teeth during the first visit.

The first visit sets the stage for a lifetime of proper oral hygiene, so Drs. Sikora will also spend a few minutes talking to you and your child about their current brushing habits and will address bad habits like thumb sucking. Parents are allowed in the examination room, but we encourage you to let your child spend a few minutes one-on-one with the dentist to develop a healthy relationship for life.

First Visit Tips

Drs. Sikora can be a scary place for some adults, but it’s important for parents not to pass that fear along to their children. Children who do pick up on a parent’s fear of the dentist are likely to be afraid themselves, so parents should speak positively about the experience to avoid instilling fear. Read books to your children about going to the dentist, or calmly explain to your child what to expect at our office, and they’ll likely have a positive reaction to the visit. We love our youngest patients, so we’ll make sure your little one always feels safe and comfortable, paving the way for a lifetime of good oral health.

Cavity Prevention

Children are especially prone to cavities if their diet is high in sugary foods or drinks. It’s important to encourage them to brush and floss after every meal to set them up with a healthy mouth for life. Drs. Sikora will provide you with additional tips and advice to prevent cavities at your appointment.

Call Sikora Family Dentistry today to schedule your child’s first dentist appointment!